Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 43

Currech Life

  1. Currech of Life, with his splendour,
    few kings there are to whom he submitted:
    his head was taken from him afar to
    the mountain above Bodamair.
  2. 5] Currech of Life, with numbers of hosts,
    whom the grief for a fair enemy gathered:
    a single hero to cut off the doomed man
    in early morning — it was full wondrous!
  3. "I am Find, I am a withe well-proved,
    10] with a powerful battalion of dripping edges:
    I cut off and brought to proud Bodamair
    the head of shaven Currech with his hair."
  4. The effort
    on Fothad;
    to him it was the sound of a dishonouring blow
    15] it was the same womb that bore
    Fothad and slender Currech.
  5. The daughter of Mac Niad the mighty,
    Teite, whom chieftains used to guard,
    wife of the son of Regamain, spear-armed,
    20] by the hand of Finn her blood was spilt.
  6. By this encounter fell Teite,
    who excelled every slant-smiting stay of battle,
    and the son of violent Regamain
    and slender Currech fell.

  7. p.237