Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 41

Crotta Cliach

  1. Here a man of the fairies made music,
    Cliach of the harp sweet sounding:
    he met a horror, amid the charm of his noble chant,
    at his timely tryst with Conchend.
  2. 5] He was a year, among throngs of chiefs,
    without food and without sleep:
    while the Fairy host was making music,
    the grief of woman's might was urging him.
  3. Bodb, powerful prince, would not allow
    10] Cliach to approach the fairy hill of the men of Femen;
    with inquiry he divined the design,
    the wooing, the solicitation.
  4. The earth opened, with plenty of delights,
    before the hosts in endless durance:
    15] more wonderful than deeds of might, a boast of journeys,
    ease among the indolent fairies.
  5. At the spot where he died of terror,
    Cliach sang sweet melody;
    there seized him there suddenly, not unprotected,
    20] the loathly dragon that dwells in this place.
  6. Loch Bel Dragon — fierceness of exploits,
    without mistake and without obscurity —
    a great and mighty sea in the east,
    where Cliach was, in this place made he music.

  7. p.227