Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 39

Tond Chlidna II

  1. Genann son of Tren, — pleasant ...!
    he was chief of this land;
    since he got the kingly seat under him,
    the fairest of his children was Clidna.
  2. 5] Vigorous the dash, spirited the onset,
    wherewith came the curly-haired Ciaban,
    when he reached cheerful Mag Mell
    over the fierce concourse of ocean.
  3. After coming to the land, with brave deeds in plenty,
    10] it is there he uttered
    thrice fifty cries, that fill a verse14,
    for Clidna daughter of Genann.
  4. Thrice fifty tribes are there to the province;
    a hostage for every tribe in Genann's hands;
    15] hither comes a daughter of every king,
    to tend the tresses of the high-king's daughter.
  5. "In the name of God, I will go thither,
    I will bear off with me this maiden:
    she it is that I have chosen, the faultless
    20] Clidna Cendfind, radiant of skin."
  6. He stepped forward into his boat,
    he leaves the land of strong keeps,
    so that thereafter it was called Sid nEna;
    the maidens lamented.

  7. p.213

  8. 25] The lords and the folk of the plain
    were left behind lamenting;
    they filled the tract by the shore
    to arrest the rape.
  9. Said Genann — fierce his hate:
    30] "who seizes the pledge?" —
    said he across the ship-ridden sea,
    they should carry off curly-haired Ciaban!
  10. Said Genann, over the host:
    "'Tis well, O Clidna, with cheeks aflame!
    35] some time shall come thy day
    in such wise as I shall declare.
  11. "Keep watch for the day of my death!
    I tell thee — this shall be my message!
    there shall come a wave whose crest shall sparkle,
    40] and shall whelm thy home in thine island."
  12. So thereupon — woe for the tryst!
    Clidna went her way with Ciaban;
    they hoisted sail — unstable the craft —
    round Erin from the south-west.
  13. 45] Roar of the rude wind
    and storm of the sea
    carried them on the sand — a mound of strength —
    in the estuary of Traig Tellat.

  14. p.215

  15. Hail to chaste Clidna,
    50] since she went to the tryst with death,
    at the place where she changed hue,
    so that her name is known over Erin.
  16. Not silent to-night the strand,
    if the Wave of Clidna have arisen:
    55] it striketh a blow against resounding Banba
    after the woe of Genann's daughter.

  17. p.217