Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 36

Mag Femin, Mag Fera, Mag Fea

  1. Femen and fair-haired Fera,
    eager soldiers of the great strongholds,
    and Fea, famed for timber-havoc in Inis Fail,
    sons of Inogach son of Dachar,
  2. 5] With warlike bold Clann Miled
    they pushed on to verdurous Banba;
    the tools of their hereditary calling
    were bill-hook and axe and heavy spade.
  3. The axe a-lopping in stout style
    10] and the bill-hook

    were their tools, noble yet not proud, —
    and the spade hard a-digging.
  4. They cleared three plains, after many a spell;
    through their piety they gained their titles:
    15] Mag Fea, no
    for a girl,
    Mag Fera and Mag Femin.
  5. Each in turn would make,
    without delay, without regret,
    without idle desire that lured him away,
    20] exchange of tools and weapons.
  6. Fea, wife of Neit son of Indui,
    did not desert Mag Fea, though she was silent,
    the fair-haired woman, — she was a love beloved-
    the right-generous daughter of Elcmaire.
  7. 25] I have heard of the two oxen of Dil,
    radiant of beauty, conspicuous;
    Fe and Men are they called,
    whence Mag Femin gets its name.

  8. p.201