Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 35

Mag Raigne

  1. I have heard of a brave man, leader of troops,
    whose name was Raigne the Roman,
    how he came with desired fame swiftly
    into the powerful territory of Narbonensis.
  2. 5] Three tasks they put on Raigne,
    the populace of Gaul splendid and vast:
    to pile clay on wains,
    to level a wood with tangled roots,
  3. To spread the mighty inlet of the sea
    10] that the pure impetuous Ligir visiteth,
    so that there should be a kind of island
    by the stately side of Torinis.
  4. Raigne of the noble spade completed the tasks —
    (he was free from poverty and misadventure,
    15] a man whom want did not visit — )
    in just three full days.
  5. The warrior escaped from them,
    with his excellences ever-manifest,
    that he might not stay there under strict bondage;
    20] he took with him hatchet, bill-hook, and spade.
  6. He fared to the seat of Fotla
    without warning, without kingly proclamation;
    he settled, the noble fiery scion,
    in cheerful Imlech Mecconn.

  7. p.197

  8. 25] The keen commanding prince felled
    The conspicuous royal-branching forest:
    so it is called the Plain of Raigne the champion,
    rich in prosperity and in noble qualities.
  9. The son of Ugaine, with hostages unnumbered,
    30] Raigne the poetic, the royal-generous,
    held the populous plain a while;
    I have heard that he was a brave man.

  10. p.199