Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 33

Loch Dachaech

  1. Hither came
    strangers from afar
    with a mighty warrior-band,
    Cicul son of Goll,
    5] son of strong Tuathmar,
    from Sliab Amor.
  2. This was the number
    of the king's following
    strewn in rout, —
    10] three hundred men
    with spear shafts,
    each on a single leg.
  3. With the king went
    his gentle mother
    15] an invader of strength,
    the burden of song,
    Loth Luamnach,
    swift as a lion.
  4. He brought with him
    20] his wife to the feast
    on the right of the host,
    Fuata Be Fail:
    she advanced into the conflict
    into the encounter of vengeance.

  5. p.187

  6. 25] Thus went she
    over the sea-pregnant,
    to the noble harbour
    of famous Dachsech,
    till her womb bore:
    30] her only daughter.
  7. Blemished her offspring,
    the blind misshapen daughter
    feeble of health;
    Dachaech was her name
    35] at all times and places,
    designation of suffering.
  8. As she reached the ground
    this was the strife,
    with peril, not of bloodshed,
    40] she ran betimes,
    she leapt into the lough
    to drown herself quite.
  9. Hence is given,
    from the woman's name,
    45] this title
    unto Loch Dachaech;
    an ill occasion had
    this noble nomenclature.
  10. This was her motive,
    50] to conquer in battle
    against the Cland Miled;
    weary was the palm thereby,
    the rod was measured
    upon the flesh of royal men.

  11. p.189

  12. 55] Every man there was of them,
    every woman of might,
    they came not back:
    by my conscience since then!
    'twas a luckless journey
    60] whereon they came.

  13. p.191