Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 31

Ard Lemnacht

  1. The story of Ard Lemnacht the perfect
    is known to me for noble worshipful heroism:
    the means whereby a device was found
    for slaying the tribe of the Fidga.
  2. 5] Crimthand Sciath-bel, whose beauty shone,
    was king over the stock of the Galian;
    the tribes of the Fidga and Fochmand
    were to him as pointed tools.
  3. No mischance dared touch them at all,
    10] no clang of arms in conflict could hurt them;
    whomsoever they wounded — lasting was the injury —
    he tasted neither food in his life-time.
  4. Every man of them was match for hundreds;
    overwhelming was their stature and their numbers;
    15] they settled in their lands there eastward,
    till the Clann Cruthnig destroyed them.
  5. Solen, Ulfa, noble Nechtan,
    Oengus, Lethend, and Drostan,
    the six sons of Gelon, no niggards of deeds,
    20] they were found a stout support to Crimthand.
  6. Then said Drostan the druid
    to the followers of Crimthann of the new spear:
    "If ye desire their sudden destruction,
    the way to subdue them is to behead them:"

  7. p.167

  8. 25] "Whomsoever the Fidga men shall hit,
    let him be plunged in a pool of white milk:
    from the strife of dreadful numerous weapons
    he shall arise smooth and sound of wounds."
  9. There were brought a hundred and fifty tender kine
    30] to one spot and to one hill;
    their milk was drawn without price paid
    on the cold hill of Ard Lemnacht.
  10. There is found in every noble division of the people
    land of the Fidga and the Fochmaind,
    35] on account of the rout of the lordly goodly men,
    whence the tale is a lofty delight to hear.

  11. p.169