Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 30

Sliab Mairge II

  1. Margg, son of Giusca, fair of form,
    son of Lodan Liath from Luachair,
    came, in spite of fasting from food,
    to the house of Eochu Muniste.
  2. 5] The noble steward came
    from the powerful king of the hundred ears
    to demand tribute afar
    to the house of the valiant king of the Galian.
  3. This was the tax that was expected of him,
    10] fifty oxen, excellent cattle;
    hurtful to the chieftain's guest was
    his portion of meat on that same spot.
  4. As the champion's drink did not arrive
    along with the warrior's food,
    15] thirst killed him thereafter by its violence,
    over against old Sliab Mairge.
  5. There his parting from his people came to pass,
    when he was slain at Belach Edind,
    when great Marg met his death
    20] among the host of the high territories.

  6. p.165