Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 28

Belach Gabran

  1. Dear to me is bright Gabran,
    who made his way hither on the trail of Lurgu:
    no quarry ever escaped him over the heather
    except a grey one-eyed pig.
  2. 5] He went on its track (bright spot),
    to the chilly territory of Almu,
    till it made a rush underground,
    the loathly long-lived pig.
  3. He turned homeward after great fatigue,
    10] after being a while under ground,
    in his rush swift as flame
    his heart burst like a nut for ever.
  4. There was he buried underground,
    at the Pass high in renown,
    15] which is called after valiant Gabran,
    is he not dear to the red-weaponed host?
  5. A band of bondmen followed Gabran's track,
    with a frenzied chant in their mouths;
    on the trail of Lurgu (fulness of valour)
    20] he was slain in the bog of Almu.11

  6. p.161