Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 27

Ath Fadat II

  1. Liath Lurgan, pilot of the sharp weapon,
    lived here from hill to hill,
    a mighty man from Offaly of the feasts;
    no ten men were a match for him.
  2. 5] The three daughters of the hero (no weakling he!) —
    Doe, Caichni, and Fadat,
    suffered degradation of shape,
    because their lord forsook them.
  3. They came to Lind na Tarb
    10] these three damsels (harsh is the tale)
    and they saw a man's male features
    beneath them — a lasting blemish!
  4. Fadat turned her about (lasting the crime!)
    to Ath Fadat to drown herself;
    15] Doe went (sad the way!)
    to Lind Doe to her final death.
  5. Caichni, Sinchell cured her whole,
    soundly and honourably;
    for her healing this was the payment,
    20] the meadow-land she had from Liath of Lurgan.

  6. p.159