Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 26

Ath Fadat I


  1. Liath alas! unites you not:
    it will be no draught of buttermilk!
    your mother shall not bear a son
    from this time forth:
  2. 5] Fadat from Loch Lurgan
    (the author declares to you)
    shall fall by a broad-headed spear
    before the Leinstermen in battle.


  1. Doe shall come — no healing draught!
    10] with mantle and with brooch,
    with a fiery straight weapon
    to win a ruthless victory:
  2. Caichni the steadfast shall come
    with a warlike ancient weapon;
    15] she will overcome your troops;
    'tis she will gain the day.


  1. This is the truth of it which thou knowest not,
    there never touches me fear
    of my wounding or mangling
    20] in the stern encounter of swords:
  2. Ye shall fall by my sling-stone,
    and your brother shall fall;
    word will reach your mother
    that 'tis I shall gain the day.



  • 25] Woe for thy fate, thou caitiff!
    the Gaels shall not stop us;
    'tis thine own errant sword
    shall cut off thine head:
  • Doe of the dun mantles shall come to thee,
    30] and Caichni of equal strength,
    and Fadat, firm-set hero;
    it will be a conflict with three strong ones.
  • Etan

    1. Tis I am the champion worth a hundred
      from a vast valorous host;
      35] I am the dragon of numerous peoples;
      in sooth 'tis my birthright:
    2. I have fought many a battle;
      ye shall not resist me for a moment;
      by me has your father fallen;
      40] his son shall fall, alas!