Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 18

Maistiu I

  1. There was grief on the company of women
    here in the great plain at their fatal encounter,
    for the loss of Maistiu, goodly bride,
    who came on a heedless venture.
  2. 5] The son of Eochu Toebfota in the east
    bore off the noble charming radiant lady
    from Crich Comul — sun of valour —
    from Oengus' hospitable seat.
  3. According as Gris looked on the bright lady
    10] she perverted her mind month by month;
    she deprived of modesty and of might
    the goodly wife of Daire, by her wizardry.
  4. Daire steadfast and strong hurled
    with his unerring battle-spear
    15] a cast that brought the waters of Snuad over her,
    over the fiery daughter of Richis.
  5. The death of Maistiu came without glorious effort
    by Gris daughter of Richis;
    the death of Gris, skilled in bloody arts,
    20] came by the spear of Daire Derg fresh of face.
  6. Alas! that the company of the women are gone;
    sad their death and their fatal encounter;
    it brought mourning silently on the encamped host
    when grief fell on the company of women.

  7. p.137

  8. 25] The gentle Maer was daughter to Oengus;
    she was Conall's pleasant twin;
    the loss of his sisters, with their following, brought about
    the end of his life in mortal woe.
  9. Here Oengus brought the form of a cross
    30] to Maistiu of lovely radiance;
    the maiden fashioned it thus as a mutual secret,
    a potent secret of evil power.
  10. It was a pleasant wood, obscure, full of nuts,
    the wild spot rich in mast and draughts of mead;
    35] after the loss of its gracious princes
    their folk were found in sorrow.

  11. p.139