Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 17

Rath Cnámrossa

  1. I have for the Leinstermen day by day
    rich store of legend — no spurious wealth —
    whence comes the title (mighty shouting)
    the noble name of the territory of Cnamros.
  2. 5] Hither came in suffering
    after the fight at the red-flaming hostel,
    with many a hurt and wound,
    Mac Cecht, son of Slaide Seched.
  3. The giant soldier bore with him
    10] the kingly child of friendly Conaire
    Le fri Flaith, truly named,
    for it was he that lifted him from the ground.
  4. Into the hollow of his fair fringed shield
    he packed the boy's frame;
    15] the boy that had not force for valour in arms
    was made like a heap of scattered bones.
  5. The blood whelmed him and the heavy heat,
    he met tumult and oppression,
    when he kept a darkling tryst
    20] at sloping Corra Ednige.

  6. p.131

  7. Then said Mac Cecht,
    because the mighty slaying was wasted
    "woe betide him that starts on a journey
    from the heap of thy scattered bones!"
  8. 25] He cut the belly from his targe,
    and it was buried round the royal child;
    until that Judgment that awaits thee
    this is the rath where they abide.
  9. Hiburni, son of Dedos the blind,
    30] came hither to the son of Cumall
    with love-nuts of Segais thereafter
    from the wife of Bernsa from Berramu.
  10. Then said Find, prince of the warriors,
    to the active, the nimble-handed Hiburni,
    35] that they were not nuts of good knowledge10 19, 128.
    but nuts of doubt and uneasiness.
  11. From these nuts, stronger than eager strength of chieftains,
    is named level Cnamros;
    Find embedded them a foot under earth,
    40] their origin was not known.
  12. Strong Bresal Belach won
    against the clans of stout Cairpre
    with his clan (mighty shouting)
    a tough fight in the territory of Cnamros.

  13. p.133

  14. 45] A loss of nine men and nine hundred
    and nine thousand ('twas a great calamity)
    was sustained by Cairpre and his chieftains in the east
    along with Fiachu and the two Eochaids.
  15. There they lie imprisoned under a cairn
    50] since they were slaughtered in the great rout;
    till Doomsday come at the time appointed
    the rath in which they lie conceals them.

  16. p.135