Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 11


  1. The daughter of Rodub, curly-haired, brave
    son of Glas Gluar, son of Glas Gamain,
    was wife of Enna son of Nos the valiant
    who settled in the meadows of Etar.
  2. 5] She was a wizard, she was a noble poetess,
    Rodub's daughter, of starlike beauty,
    she was a prophetess to sing dirges for every chieftain,
    till death by a single shot extinguished her.
  3. Enna had a wife fair and lovely,
    10] Aide daughter of Ochind:
    the son of slender Cnucha, who loved combat,
    gave short span to Rodub's daughter.
  4. The daughter of Rodub conceived jealousy:
    it was a journey that brought not good fortune,
    15] when she sang a spell of the sea in the morning;
    for slender Cnucha was no friend.
  5. Margin bright and brisk marked her;
    the squire, by Ochind's high command
    cast in her path a cunning ball
    20] with which he shattered the daughter of king Rodub.
  6. The foe who killed her met his death
    by her famous magnificent father:
    the noble warrior was slain before sunset
    after the destruction of Rodub's daughter.

  7. p.97