Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 10

Bairend Chermain

  1. Bairend Chermain, whence is it named,
    with its good fame, and ready hospitality?
    it was a precinct that lasted not for a short span,
    where dwelt Cerman Cetharchend.
  2. 5] Cerman Caladchnes the valiant
    went a-wooing for increase:
    the daughter of Etarba of the battles
    was deceitful Digais.
  3. Digais was alert and strong;
    10] she bore a princely family to Cerman;
    she bore him seven active sons,
    and five daughters.
  4. The names of the sons — glorious work! —
    were Fulach, Liath, and Cassan,
    15] Fledach, Dimain, and Dormna,
    and Scal of the mighty shield.5
  5. Five daughters of the hero, who was no sluggard,
    manlike in deeds were they, exceeding strong;
    Cappa, Cliath, Bernsa of the peaks,
    20] good Malu, and Bairend.

  6. p.91

  7. Digais (whom verses cherish) drove out
    her nurslings, even her own children;
    said Cerman — since

    "May danger and destruction attend you!"
  8. 25] Each of them took his path;
    they scattered from home and land,
    till they found their abodes
    they were vagrant reprobates.
  9. Scal fared to Scarb ind Eoin,
    30] Dimain settled at Drobel,
    Dornmar settled — stern his grip —
    at stately Ath Monadmaill.
  10. Cassan went to Glenn Cuill,
    Fer Liath to Liathdruim,
    35] Fulach to Glend Smoil,
    Fledach to Dergmoin.
  11. Cappach settled in Glend da Gruad,
    Bairend settled by Babluan,
    Cliach possessed the ancient cairn in her day;
    40] these are the own children of Digais.6
  12. Digais lived on her mountain, as was reported;
    there long after holds her tenure;
    at Babluan — it was populous once —
    is Bairend of the red weapons, victorious maid.

  13. p.93