Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 9

Belach Durgein

  1. Durgen found suffering on every side
    by the hand of Indech, who traversed the battle-field,
    she was daughter of Luath, bloody in combat,
    overcomer of a hundred warriors, one that knit strife.
  2. 5] Known to me is the mother who wrought her ruin;
    by her falseness the false woman destroyed her;
    'tis she was an axe-haft for cleaving
    on the soil of Belach da Bend.
  3. Herccad, the mother who wrought her ruin,
    10] excellent in disposition at all times,
    was daughter of Trescu, with floods of waves; —
    perpetrated the deed that was done there!
  4. She went to her slave — this is truth for you —
    (it was a madman's choice, when she had tasted him:)
    15] in spite of Luath — daring was the desire —
    came the slave to the first original crime.
  5. Sharply the daughter watched:
    the alert hawk of the host revealed the secret:
    to a tryst with Herccad was coming
    20] a slave without repute, into Luath's bed.

  6. p.87

  7. From that tryst which she arranged in the East
    with Indech on account of Herccad
    the prosperous folk,
    Durgen has a claim on them.

  8. p.89