Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 18


  1. Alend, meeting place for our youths,
    rath of Art with his royal roads:
    the chariot pole of victory was he on its plain
    till Fal, son of Fidga, found it:
  2. 5] The grave where Conchend planted his roofpole,
    the son of Fergna, a hero of fair fame,
    field-captain of Lugaid, hewer of targes;
    the seat that was Setna Long-staff's:
  3. The stead where dwelt stern Messdelmond,
    10] by him was reared its lofty wall;
    from its springs a draught was drained
    by Mess Scegra the Scot of Leinster:
  4. The lawn of Ruamand, where the spear-point grew red,
    with the sties of the honourable prince;
    15] a lovely land, a perfect citadel,
    the soller where dwelt Andrithir:
  5. The demesne of Fergus Fairge
    a proud and eminent heritage:
    the portion of nimble Find mac Rosa
    20] the royal keep of Bressal Bregaman:
  6. Luchdond, who scarred cheeks–alas!,
    from Gabran even unto Ath Cliath!
    in Fal Segi would he swim the water,
    dire were his deeds around Alend:

  7. p.83

  8. 25] A furious (?) bear, a flame of valour,12
    a resting-place giving vigour to heroes
    in the time of Nia Corb (brave chief!)
    thou wast a home of the wise, O Alend!
  9. The chariot of Cathair, coffer of treasures;
    30] valiantly did he encompass the leaders of herds;
    burden of all discourse (clear fact!)
    is the high king of Emain and Alend.
  10. The chess-board of Fiachu, victorious king,
    fiery dragon (stout his body!);
    35] he drove red spear-points through kings,
    he chained the battalions of Aled.
  11. The hill of Bressal Beolach the valorous,
    to him belonged Tuaim Tenbath Temair,
    upon spruce steeds the famous king
    40] brandished the weapons of Alend.
  12. A lordly river visits it,
    the Segais which flows from Sid Nechtain,
    and Life, swiftest his waters:
    they beat upon the bare plain of Alend.
  13. 45] Three mighty men made essays of trenchings,
    Burech, Fiach, and Aururas:
    it is they who without flagging (clear fact!)
    dug the rampart of Alend.

  14. p.85

  15. Buirech cast from him straightway
    50] across the rampart (no weakling he!)–
    a stone he cast from his spear-arm;
    and that is the ail in Alend.
  16. Here dwelt the wife of the strong-limbed,
    heroic daughter of Lugaid;
    55] the clan was not disgraced by her repute;13
    from her came the royal name of Alend.