Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 16

Almu I

  1. Almu of the Leinstermen, a fort of the Fians,
    an abode that Find the truly noble used to frequent:
    hither came by chance one of no common line,
    the woman from whom Almu is so called.
  2. 5] Almu is the name of the man who got the place
    in the time of Nemed of mighty renown;
    he died there on the green hill
    of a sudden sickness in a moment.
  3. Almu, beautiful was the woman!
    10] the wife of Nuadu Mor, son of Achi;
    she entreated–just was the award–
    that her name should be on the entire hill.
  4. Nuadu the druid was a fierce man;
    by him was built a fort strong and high:
    15] by him alum was rubbed on the rock
    over the whole fort, after it was marked out.
  5. All white is the fort (bitter strife),
    as if it had received the lime of all Erin,
    from the alum he put on his house,
    20] thence is Almu so named.
  6. Tadc, son of Nuadu, who strengthens valour,
    the druid of Cathair Mor great in fame,
    to him his father left
    Almu with her noble possessions.
  7. 25] Tadc the strong had a lovely daughter
    whose name was Murni Fair-neck;
    the woman was demanded by Cumall;
    Tadc the white-sided refused her.

  8. p.75

  9. Cumall carried her off by force
    30] the daughter of Tadc, though it was an ugly deed;
    for a year, without right and without victory,
    did Cumall the warrior possess Murni.
  10. Tadc wept gustily
    before Cond the brave of the hundred fights:
    35] he taunted him–enormous the evil!–
    he reviled him,–great was the hurt!
  11. Sentence is given by Cond the brave
    against Cumall that he should leave Banba;
    so they fought the battle of Cnucha there,
    40] and Cumall fell before Cond.
  12. Nine hours before the battle was fought
    was begotten the Man of Luck;
    on the daughter of Tadc the white-sided
    Find the true warrior was begotten.
  13. 45] Murni came after the slaying of her husband,
    and fared to Almu the all-white;
    plaintive, sorrowful she was,
    it was not fitting for the high-born lady.
  14. Lovely and gracious was the princess,
    50] and she was great with child;
    Tadc threatened (great the deed!)
    to kill and make an end of her.
  15. Said Cond of the white palm:
    "I hold it better she should bear a son;
    55] the same mother, with her substance,
    had Cumall and my father."
  16. Vehemently is she rejected by Tadc,
    (to Murni it was cause of tears)
    yet he did not dare to do what he spoke of–
    60] to destroy them or slay them suddenly.

  17. p.77

  18. She came to fair Temair of Fail,
    Murni Fair-Neck ...-Skin;
    she asked the blameless Cond
    of her destiny and her disposal.
  19. 65] "Go thou," said Cond, "thou has my leave
    to Fiacail Fí, son of Conchend:
    the own-sister of Cumall dwells with him
    Bodmall ..."
  20. She went to Temair Margi,
    70] did Murni White-neck the high-born;
    Conla, servant of Cond the blameless
    ... to dispose of her.
  21. Joyful to see her was the pleasant youth
    Fiacail Fí, son of Conchend;
    75] joyful was Bodmall, right heartily,
    joyful was the whole company.
  22. Thereafter was born Find the honoured,
    king of the Fians, high his spirit!
    ... nine years precisely
    80] was he the royal champion of Erin.
  23. Find demanded from Tadc of the towers,
    a price for killing Cumall Mor,
    battle without respite, without delay,
    or to get a duel with him man to man.
  24. 85] Tadc, since he could not face battle
    against the true-born prince,
    abandoned to him (it was enough for him)
    all Almu as it stood.

  25. p.79