Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 13


  1. The Barrow, enduring its silence,
    that flows through the folk of old Ailbe;
    a labour it is to learn the cause whence is called
    Barrow, flower of all famous names.
  2. 5] No motion in it made
    the ashes of Mechi the strongly smitten:
    the stream made sodden and silent past recovery10
    the fell filth of the old serpent.
  3. Three turns the serpent made;
    10] it sought out the soldier to consume him;
    it would have wasted by its nature all the kine
    of the indolent hosts of ancient Erin.
  4. Therefore Diancecht slew it:
    there was rude reason for clean destroying it,
    15] for preventing it for ever from wasting
    above every resort, from consuming utterly.
  5. Known to me is its grave where he cast it,
    a tomb without walls or roof-tree;
    its evil ashes,–no ornament to the region
    20] found silent burial in noble Barrow.

  6. p.65