Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 11

Fid nGabli

  1. Dear to me is bright Gabul
    who set moving the bright-stemmed wood,
    not for the sake of a reward that should decay,
    he prayed that from him it should be named.
  2. 5] Ainge gathered a bright faggot
    against dripping unless it was ebb-tide:
    every kind of tree without exception is to be sought
    in the soft fresh-leaved faggot.
  3. A tub was made for his daughter
    10] above the breast-work of the high river mouth;
    it would not leak unless the tide were full:
    she loved (?) the lot of virginity.
  4. He it was who stole it (burden of a tale)
    even Gaible the pale, son of Ethedeon;
    15] he cast it without payment for labour
    from the cold Pass of the Thicket.
  5. It found rest in the confines of Fland;
    he claims of right his copse and his own wood,
    the man who thieved and stole in the east;
    20] to women he was at all times dear.

  6. p.61