Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 10

Sliab Bladma

  1. Blod, son of Cu, son of Cass the renowned,
    son of Uachall the many-shaped,
    killed Bregmael the famous smith
    of Cuirche, son of Snithe the swimmer.
  2. 5] Curche Cendmar was a daring king
    over Medraige and over Herot;
    through him Blod, son of Cass Clothmin,
    found never sure protection.
  3. He fared in his ship–clear purpose!–
    10] from the Bottom of pure-cold Galway,
    from Ath Cliath in wide Herot
    to Ath Cliath in Cualu.
  4. Thence he came after many a turn
    to the Point of Nar, son of Edliuc,
    15] and possessed, as his special portion,
    the mountain whose name derives from Blod.
  5. A valiant man who used to wage battle died
    at Sliab Bladma–vast renown!
    even Blad, son of Bregon, with troops of warriors,
    20] died of disease in the monster-haunted Sliab Blod.
  6. Or, it is from the son of Bregon the wrathful
    that it is named Sliab Bladma, with onsets of women;
    their increase is not far from the cattle
    was the mountain where it happened through strong Blad.

  7. p.57

  8. 25] Or the monsters of the sea that was not calm,
    beasts–ruisenda was their name–
    came throughout the land of the tribes,
    so that from them is named Sliab Bled.
  9. Blod, son of Cu, son of Cass Clothmin,
    30] slew the herd of Bregmael Ban,
    the smith of Curche, son of Snithe;
    he settled at Ross Tire Nair.

  10. p.59