Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 8


Lagin I

  • The princes were slain round their king
    (it was an ill deed, it was matter for wrath):
    the Dumb Exile of martial might burnt
    Cobthach Cael, son of Ugaine.
  • 5] Till that crime, Tuaim Tenbath was the name
    of the noble kingly hold, the noted hill,
    till Labraid full of valour sacked it,
    when he made a slaughter of its young men.
  • From the day he was slain (this is sooth)
    10] even Cobthach Cael, with his thirty kings,
    till the birth of the Son of Mary
    is five hundred years ever pure.
  • The beginning of struggle and strife was
    the vengeance of Cobthach on Loegaire:
    15] thereby fell Cobthach of the cairn
    by the grandson of Loegaire fierce and fell.
  • There came on the march to that slaying
    Labraid and thirty hundred of the Dub-Gaill
    in a muster, warlike and staunch,
    20] with their deep-blue lances.
  • From those lances thenceforth
    were the men of Leinster called the Spearmen;
    at the hand of the Dumb Exile, with heavy disaster,
    by these lances Cobthach Cael was slain.
  • 25] This doom shall abide with his family till the Last Day
    that there be war between kindred kings:
    the destruction of Oilill and Loegaire
    at the hand of Cobthach Cael was the first slaying.

  • p.53