Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 6


  1. Achall which confronts Temair,
    the youths from Emain loved her;
    she was mourned when she died,
    the white bride of Glan, son of Carbad.
  2. 5] The daughter of Cairpri perished,
    the daughter of Fedelm Noichruthach,
    from grief for Erc, which fills the stanza(,
    who was slain in vengeance for Cuchullin.
  3. Conall Cernach brought the head of Erc
    10] to Temair about the hour of terce;
    bad was the deed was done by him,
    the breaking of the cold heart of Achall.
  4. The Mound of Finn, the Mound of the Druids,
    the Mound of Creidne, cheek by cheek;
    15] the Mound about which was fought the famous fight,
    the Mound of Erc, the Mound of Achall.
  5. The nobles of Ulster came
    round Conchobar of the champions;
    they held races bright and pure
    20] for Achall which confronts Temair.
  6. The Mound of Erc (it was no narrow work)
    on the hill south of Temair;
    Erc, it is there his time came,
    the comely brother of Achall.

  7. p.49

  8. 25] Brothers were Finn from cold Alend,
    and Ailell from stern Cruachan,
    of Cairpre Nia from Temair in that country,
    whose noble daughter Achall was.
  9. The Mound of the Druids, south of it
    30] lay Temair of the Kings, the royal hold;
    eastward of Temair yonder,
    it is there Achall died.
  10. It is there the woman was buried,
    the daughter of the high Kings of the Gaels,
    35] for her was raised this rath on that spot;
    there did Achall meet her death.
  11. The six women that are the best that were in the world,
    after Mary the mother of God;
    are Medb, Sadb, Sarait who adorn stanzas,
    40] Erc and Emer and Achall.
  12. A squire of Cairpre Nia Fer,
    Eochu the fierce, champion of the Gaels,
    attempted to have one of his children
    by the maiden, by Achall.
  13. 45] I give sure testimony thereon
    to the daughter of Cairpre ...
    that a stolen hour with her was not to be had in that place;
    Achall surpasses all damsels in beauty.
  14. I pray the Son of God who brought decay
    50] on Medb Lethderg, on Medb Derg,
    on Sadb, on Sarait, on Fand,
    on Garb, on Erc, on Achall,

  15. p.51

  16. That there may be a place in high heaven
    for Cinaed ua Hartacain:
    55] he knows the rule of rhyme for every verse;
    it is he that goes to and fro in Achall.
  17. Never set foot on earth
    one that surpassed her in herds nor horses;
    never was bred there in Temair
    60] a woman that surpassed Achall.
  18. Boy, take my horse in thy hand;
    let none come to trouble me;
    the Gael and the Gall are on the foray;
    swift are their horses across Achall.
  19. 65] The place where our horses are,
    there was a wood through it on every hand;
    the land of the poet Mane the indolent,
    it was called from him before it was named Achall.
  20. The rath of pure Conaire endures,
    70] the rath of Cairpri ... endures;
    Essa endures not, here or elsewhere,
    Erc endures not, nor Achall.
  21. Fogartach was at Dind Rig;
    he was a king of Fodla with doughty deeds;
    75] the Gael and the Gall knew
    the valour of that single hero at Achall.
  22. Pleasant the folk, brisk and cheerful,
    the clan of Cernach, son of Diarmait;
    they have slain hosts till now
    80] round the cold flanks of Achall.

  23. p.53

  24. Amlaib of Ath Cliath the hundred-strong,
    who gained the kingship in Bend Etair;
    I bore off from him as price of my song
    a horse of the horses of Achall.
  25. 85] There came to Temair of the kings
    Colum Cille free from sorrow;
    by him a church is founded there
    on the hill where Achall was buried.