Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])

poem 5

Temair V

  1. Temair, Tailtiu, land of assembly,
    Raigne, Rachru, proud rath,
    Cuillend with the river Crommad,
    Tromra, Trommad, Druim Suamaig,
  2. 5] The Mound at Brug, it shall be remembered,
    Cumar Droman, Druim Calaid,
    Belat, Blaitine, Bruigin,
    Muincille, Mured, Maigin,
  3. Cermna, Caprach, and Callann,
    10] Mag Breg with numerous hills,
    Cnoc Dabilla, Mag Mellenn,
    Crinna, Cerrenn, Colt, Cuillend,
  4. Muirtemne, Tlachtga, Tuirbe,
    Suilighe, Slanga, Semne,
    15] Sid Muine, majestic, many-hued,
    Echtga, Ochaine, Ai, Aigle,
  5. Nas, Carman, Cualu, Celbe,
    Raigniu, Rafann, and Rairenn,
    Dun Inteing, Dun Clair, Dun Crea,
    20] Dun Brea, and Dun Cairenn,

  6. p.41

  7. Uisnech, Athais, Ard Feda,
    Slemun, Slaine, Sid Coba,
    Dermag of the oakwoods and the hills,
    Lusmag, Luimnech, Lecc Loga,
  8. 25] Druim Ruaid, Druim Rig, Druim Rossa,
    Druim Criad, Druim Cain, Druim Cressa,
    Druim Dian, Druim Dailb, Druim Essa,
    Druim Meith, Druim Aird, Druim Dressa,
  9. Eithmann, Aisi, Ard Gabla,
    30] Cernna, Collamair, Cnogba,
    Crufot, Crinna, Cruach Aigle,
    Uachtar Ailbe, Ard Odba,
  10. Bri Scail, Bri Airc, Bri Aine,
    Bri Breg, Bri Ech, Bri Fele,
    35] Bri Molt, Bri Dam, Bri Dile,
    Bri Leith, and Bri Ele,
  11. Loch Da Dall, bright Loch Faife,
    Loch Ing, Loch Gabur, Loch Gand,
    Loch Dub, Loch Dreman, Loch Dond,
    40] Loch Corr, Loch Cera, Loch Camm,
  12. Loch Rib, Loch Cuan, Loch Codail,
    Loch Uair, Loch Airc, Loch Enaig,
    Loch Lein, Loch Laig, Loch Lugair,
    Loch Cuil, Loch Cimmi Cnedaig,

  13. p.43

  14. 45] Mag Breg, Mag Find, Mag Ferai,
    Mag Luirg, Mag Li, Mag Line,
    Mag Slecht, Mag Ce, Mag Cummai,
    Mag Moen, Mag Marc, Mag Mide,
  15. Sinann, Sligech, Sruth Domna,
    50] Boand, Banna, and Berba,
    shining Goistine, Grene,
    Fele, Life, Lind Segsa,
  16. Ath Cliath, Ath Croich, Ath Cuili,
    Ath I, Ath Orc, Ath Ele,
    55] Ath Luirg, Ath Luain, Ath Craibe,
    Ath Fraich, Ath Fian, Ath Fene,
  17. Lordly the roar of the five cataracts,
    Ess Ruaid, that was king of the ancient cataracts,
    Ess Croich, Ess Muiriath beyond,
    60] Ess Dubthaig, Ess Tigernaig,
  18. Rath Guill, Rath Goirt, Rath Gabra,
    Rath Mor, Rath Mael, Rath Medba,
    Rath Becc, Rath Eich, Rath Emna,
    Rath Truim, Rath Tail, Rath Temra;—
  19. 65] The strongholds of Erin after these
    I have left—I say without shame—
    to someone else that shall be wiser,
    who may traverse them unto Temair.

  20. p.45

  21. Though there be over imperial Banba
    70] famous kings—high their mirth!
    no kingly authority is binding on them
    save from the king that possesses Temair.
  22. Maelsechlaind, branch of bright fortune,
    spreads peace about the ancient plain,
    75] free from mortal pain beyond all generations,
    may he be in the kingship of Temair!
  23. Thereafter, till Doomsday, may it be shared,
    before and above everyone without shame,
    by his line, ever famed for hospitality;
    80] may it never be extinct in Temair!

  24. p.47