Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Metrical Dindshenchas (Author: [unknown])


poem 1

Temair I

  1. Temair Breg, whence is it named?
    declare O sages!
    when did it separate from the country-side?
    when did Temair become Temair?
  2. 5] Was it under Partholan of the battles?
    or at the first conquest by Cesair?
    or under Nemed of the fresh valour?
    or under Cigal of the knocking knees?
  3. Was it under the Firbolgs of the boats?
    10] or from the line of the Lupracans?
    tell which conquest of these it was
    from which the name Temair was set on Temair?
  4. O Duban, O generous Findchad,
    O Bran, O quick Cualad,
    15] O Tuain, ye devout five!
    what is the cause whence Temair is named?
  5. There was a time when it was a pleasant hazel-wood
    in the days of the noble son of Ollcan,
    until the tangled wood was cut down
    20] by Liath son of Laigne Lethan-glas.
  6. Thenceforward it was called Druim Leith—
    its corn was rich corn—
    until there came Cain free from sorrow,
    the son of Fiachu Cendfindan.

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  8. 25] Thenceforward it was called Druim Cain,
    the hill whither chieftains used to go,
    until Crofhind the chaste came,
    the daughter of all-famous Allod.
  9. Cathair Crofhind ('twas not amiss)
    30] was its name under the Tuatha De Danand,
    till there came Tea, never unjust,
    the wife of Erimon lofty of mien.
  10. Round her house was built a rampart
    by Tea daughter of Lugaid;
    35] she was buried beyond the wall without,
    so that from her is Temair named.
  11. The Seat of the Kings was its name:
    the kingly line of the Milesians reigned in it:
    five names accordingly were given it
    40] from the time when it was Fordruim till it was Temair.
  12. I am Fintan the poet,
    I am a salmon not of one stream;
    it is there I was exalted with fame,
    on the sod-built stead, over Temair.

  13. p.7