Ua Eidersceoil, i.e Nepos Edersceli, or Ederscelides, now anglicized O'Driscoll. Eiderscel was formerly very common as the name of a man denoting interpreter or interlocutor. The progenitor, from whom this surname was taken, was Eiderscel, son of Finn, the sixteenth in descent from Lughaidh Maccon, monarch of Ireland. The author of Carbriae Notitia is certainly in error, when he writes that O'Driscoll is descended from Conaire Mor son of Eiderscel, monarch of Ireland. ‘And tho' I doe believe that O'Driscoll is of royall extraction, because I conceive he is descended from Conary Mor Mac Eidriscoll, king of all Ireland, since even Dr. Keating confesseth that his posterity were seated in Iveragh and the west of Munster, yet the Irish antiquaries say there are but eight royall familyes in Munster, whereof we have three in Carbry, viz. Mac Carthy, O'Mahony and O'Donovan.’ This writer should have known that the families of Iveragh and the west of Munster, mentioned by Dr. Keating as descended from Conaire son of Eiderscel, were the O'Falvys', O'Sheas', O'Connells', and their correlatives. See Leabhar na g-Ceart, pp. 47, 76; and that Keating actually gives the pedigree of O'Driscoll from Lughaidh Maccon, king of Ireland.

From The genealogy of Corca Laidhe (Author: Unknown), p.9 (section 2.) Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
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