Daire Sirchreachtach, translated Darius Praedabundus by O'Flaherty, ( Ogygia, part III. c. 67, p. 329.) He is called Daire Daimhtheach by Dubhaltach Mac Firbisigh and Dairine by Keating, who makes him contemporary with Deirgthine the ancestor of Oilill Olum, who wrested the sceptre of Munster from the race of Lughaidh, son of Ith. Keating writes: ‘The two royal residences of the kings of the province were Dun-g-Claire and Dun Eochair Mhaighe. The two divisions of Munster were governed by two families, namely, the descendants of Dairine and the descendants of Deirgthine, until the time of Oilill Olum, who was of the race of Deirgthine, and who, after having banished Maccon, who was of the race of Dairine, out of Ireland, assumed the government of both provinces and settled it upon his own issue, leaving the posterity of his son Eoghan Mor, and of Cormac Cas to succeed alternately to the sovereignty of the two provinces of Munster.’ Keating's History of Ireland, (Haliday's Edition) p. 137. If this Daire (the progenitor of the Dairine), was really contemporary with Deirgthine, it is clear that the Book of Leacan is wrong, in making Maccon be his grandson; for Keating, D. Mac Firbisigh and O'Flaherty make Maccon the great grandson of Daire. The generations of the two lines of Deirgthine and Dairine from these two progenitors down to Oilill Olum and Lughaidh Maccon were as follows:
(first column:) 1. Daire 2. Lughaidh Laidhe 3. Maicniadh 4. Lughaidh Maccon R. H.; (second column:) 1. Deirgthine 2. Derg 3. Mogh Neid 4. Mogh Nuadhat 5. Oilill Olum.

From The genealogy of Corca Laidhe (Author: Unknown), p.5 (section 1.) Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
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