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The genealogy of Corca Laidhe

Author: Unknown

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section 1


The History of the Race of Lughaidh, Son of Ith

section 2


Genealogy of Corca Laidhe here first

section 3


Of the Race of Aenghus, son of Maicniadh, son of Lughaidh, son of Maicniadh

section 4


Of the Race of the Gascon DOWN HERE

section 5

p.19 column 2

Now the Ui Maine

section 6

p.19 column 2

Of the genealogy of the Ui Duibhleasc, and of the Ui- Aenghusa in general, as stated in the book which the poor people devoured in the wilderness.

section 7

p.25 column 2

Of the genealogy of the Race of Aenghus Bulga down here as proved by the Saltair-Chaisil and the Book of the Island of Inis-Duine.

section 8

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Now comes Aes Cionchinne

section 9

p.37 column 2

Now the Ui Aenghusa

section 10

p.39 column 2

Now the Ui Mic-Eirc

section 11

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The Cairbre or Cliach of the plain

section 12

p.43 column 2

Of the Corca-Laidhe

section 13

p.43 column 2

Genealogy of Ua Conchobhair of Corca-Laidhe Cuile.

section 14

p.43 column 2

Genealogy of Ua Baire of Ara here

section 15

p.49 column 2

*The Hereditary Proprietors of Corca-Laidhe.*

section 16

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The Mearings of the Middle Cantred; viz. O'Cobhthaigh's territory

section 17

p.57 column 2

Genealogy of Ua Eidersceoil.

section 18

p.59 column 2

Genealogy of Ua Cobhthaigh.

section 19

p.59 column 2

Thus it is found in the Saltair Chaisil

section 20

p.65 column 2

Genealogy of the Uaithne Thire