Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Lebor na Cert (Author: unknown)

section 9

Patrick bestowed this blessing upon the inhabitants of the island of Ireland, and Patrick said this:

The Blessing of God upon you all, you men of Ireland, boys, women and girls, blessing of rule, blessing of prosperity, a lasting blessing, a healing blessing, a great blessing, perpetual blessing; blessing of heaven, cloud-blessing; blessing of sea, fish-blessing; blessing of land, fruit-blessing; blessing of dew, blessing of light, blessing of valour, blessing of weapons, blessing of word, blessing of deed, blessing of dignity, blessing of rank upon you all, laymen and clerics, so long as you proclaim the blessing of the men of heaven which exceeds a worldly blessing beyond measure.

No province in Ireland owes hospitality to a poet who does not know the rents and stipends of that province, as Dubthach Mac Huí Lugair said:

    1. He is not entitled to visitation or reward, for he is not a wise
      poet in the various kinds of knowledge, unless he know exactly
      the secure rents and stipends, that they may all be bestowed (?)
      according to many-branched knowledge from beginning to end.
    2. He is not entitled to visitation in any of the fair provinces of
      Ireland nor (?) to the circuit of a single tuath, if truth be regarded,
      the poet who cannot distinguish firmly the revenues and burdens
      and exemption, the portion of each territory he visits.
    3. Then is he a learned historian when he studies the zealous
      deeds of the island of proud Éber.

    4. p.123

    5. Then is he a solid scholar like an immovable rock,
      when he understands the stipends and rents without doubt,
      so that he will recount them all in every high assembly.
    6. Let him not be a vessel of old proverbs for reward or friendship,
      for a man with proper training (?) will not cite old judgements.
      Let him not be bashful or timid (?) in the presence of a great family;
      unless he is thus distinguished he does not deserve his fee.