Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Lebor na Cert (Author: unknown)

section 8

Benén sang this about the tradition of the Foreigners of Dublin:

    1. Here is a gay and graceful story,
      pleasing to the men of Ireland;
      the revenue of Dublin—I shall not conceal it—
      as Benén appointed it.
    2. When the Deacon's Grandson of the goodly household
      came to Tara in the north,
      vigorous Laegaire did not believe
      that apostle of the Britons and of Brega.

    3. p.117

    4. That good man, the Deacon's Grandson,
      went sunwise around radiant Ireland
      until he reached the fortress of the fair Foreigners,
      helping the children of the sons of Míl.
    5. The king of stalwart Dublin,
      when Patrick came south,
      was Ailpín son of Aeol Ádach
      of the descendants of Domnall Dubdámach.
    6. On the day that Pátraic of Macha
      of the great tributes came to Dublin,
      victorious death carried off
      the bashful son of Ailpín.
    7. The son of the king of the Foreigners,
      uncouth Eochaid, is brought to the Deacon's
      Grandson to trouble and ensnare him:
      it was an insult to the apostle.
    8. 'If you give him life,
      cleric revered and powerful,
      I shall bow before you at Coill Chenann,
      and the Foreigners of the green land will bow.'
    9. The apostle and the king made
      three circuits sunwise,
      and the fair warrior, Eochaid,
      arose alive.
    10. Then the host bring to him
      a screpall for each man,
      an ounce of gold, an ounce for each nose thus,
      a screpall of gold for each man.
    11. Three ounces of the tax were left
      in the gardens of the Foreigners;
      Dublin is thrice plundered on account of it
      by the Gaedil of the bright shields.

    12. p.119

    13. If this tax is paid me
      every year by you from Liamain,
      the men of the whole world
      will not be able to despoil your fortress.
    14. The fortress you occupy in force
      I shall deliver from the black demon:
      it will be one of the three
      last surviving hearths in Ireland.
    15. I bestow upon all Dublin
      supremacy in womanhood for their women,
      supremacy for their fair Foreigners,
      supremacy in beauty for their daughters.
    16. Supremacy in swimming for their sons,
      supremacy in war and in strife,
      supremacy for their fosterlings till evening
      in sending round the drinking horns.
    17. Supremacy for the king for ever in stalwart Dublin,
      supremacy for the hireling, supremacy for the perfect warrior,
      of reverence in its churches,
      supremacy for dwellings and sacred heights.
    18. The fortress in the north from which I have come,
      may its king be without success;
      great is his fierceness in a fight,
      my curse on Laegaire.'
    19. Therefore the Foreigners will give
      no peace to the king of Meath of the long blades,
      but there will be strife every year
      between Tara and Liamain.
    20. That is the tradition of Dublin,
      I tell it to you in return for (payment of your) debts (?);
      it will be in books for ever
      as it is here in the tradition.