Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 30


Cruithne, son of Cing, pater Pictorum habitantium in hac insula, c. annis regnabat. He had seven sons. These are their names, viz., Fib, Fidach, Foltlaig, Fortrend, Caitt, Ce, Circing.

Circing lx. annis regnavit.

Fidach xl. annis regnavit.

Fortrend xl. annis regnavit.

Foltlaid xxx. annis regnavit.

Gatt i. e. Caitt xii. annis regnavit.

Ce xii. annis regnavit.

Fidbaid i. e. Fib xxiiii. annis regnavit.

Geide Ollgothach lxxx. annis regnavit.

Oenbegan c. annis regnavit.

Ollfinachta lx. annis regnavit.


Guidedh Gaeth, a Briton, l. annis regnavit.

Geascuirtibont [...] xxx. of them thenceforward, and Bruide was the name of every man of them, et regnaverunt Hiberniam et Alboniam per .cl. annos, ut invenitur in the books of the Cruithnians:

Bruide Pante was the name of the first Bruide.

Bruide Urpante,

Bruide Leo.

Bruide Gant.

Bruide Gund.

Bruide Urgann.

Bruide Urgaint.

Bruide Fet.

Bruide Urfexir.

Bruide Feoir.

Bruide Cal.

Bruide Urcal.

Bruide Cint.

Bruide Arcint.

Bruide Fet.

Bruide Urfet.

Bruide Ru.

Bruide Eru.

Bruide Gart.

Bruide Cinit.


Bruide Cind.

Bruide Uip.

Bruide Uirup.

Bruide Gruith.

Bruide Urgrith.

Bruide Munait.

Bruide Ur.

Bruide Gidgie.

Bruide Crin.

Bruide Urcrin.

Bruide Urmain.

Regnaverunt .cl. ann. ut diximus; and Alba was without a king all along until the time of Gud, the first king that possessed all Alba by consent or by force.