Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 27

Six of them remained as lords over Breagh-mhagh. From them are derived every spell, every charm, every sreodh, and augury by voices of birds, and every omen. Cathluan was monarch over them all, and he was the first king of them that ruled in Alba. Seventy kings of them ruled over Alba, from Cathluan to Constantine, who was the last Cruithnian that reigned. The two sons of Cathluan were Catinolodar and Catinolachan; their two champions were Im, son of Pern, and Cind, the father of Cruithne; Cras, son of Cirech, was their hero; Uaisneimh was their poet; Cruithne their artificer; Domhnall, son of Ailpin, was the first Gadelian king, till he was killed.


First, Britus, son of Isacon, possessed Britain. The clan Neimhidh obtained it after Britus, that is after Glun. The Cruithnians possessed it after them, after they had come out of Eri. The Gaedhil possessed it after that, that is, the sons of Erc, son of Eochaidh.