Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 21

He had three sons, viz., Gortimper, who fought against the Saxons; Catigern; Pascant, to whom Ambrose the king of Britain gave Bocuelt and Gortigernmain, after the death of his father; Saint Faustus, his son by his own daughter, and whom Germain baptized, fostered, and instructed, and for whom he built a city on the brink of the River Raen. Nennius said this.

Fearmael, who is now chief over the lands of Gortigern, is the son


of Tedubre, son of Paistcenn, son of Guodicann, son of Morut, son of Alltad, son of Eldoc, son of Paul, son of Mepric, son of Briacat, son of Pascent, son of Gortigern, son of Guatal, son of Guatulin, son of Glou. Bonus, Paul, and Muron were three other sons of Glou, who built the city of Caer Gloud, i. e. Glusester, on the banks of the Severn. German returned home,/SUP[gt ] to his own country.