Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 19


After this, Gortimer the victorious, son of Gortigern, with his brother Catigern, rose up against Hengist and Orsa, and the Britons fought fiercely along with them, so that they drove the Saxons


to the island of Teineth, and the Britons took this island thrice from them; so that forces arrived to their assistance out of Germany, and they fought against the Britons, and were one time victorious and another time defeated.

And Gortimer gave them four battles, viz., a battle on the bank of the Deirgbeint; a battle on the bank of Rethenergabail, in which Orsa and Catigern, son of Gortigern, were slain; and a battle on the shore of the Iccian sea, where they drove the Saxons to their ships, muliebriter; and a battle on the banks of Episfort. Gortimer died soon after, and he said to the Britons shortly before his death, to bury him on the brink of the sea, and that the strangers would never afterwards come into the island. The Britons did not do this. After this the power of the Saxons increased, for Gortigern was their friend on account of his wife.