Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 14


Now it came to pass after the aforesaid battle, and after the slaughter of the Roman chieftains three times by the Britons, after they had been four hundred and forty-nine years under the Roman tribute, that Gortigern, son of Gudal, took the chief sovereignty of Britain, and he was oppressed by the fear of the Cruithnians and Gaels, and by the power of Ambrose, King of France and Letavian Britain.


There came three ciulae out of Germany (i. e. three barks) into exile, in which were the two brothers, Ors and Engist, from whom are the Saxons; this is their genealogy, viz.: Ors and Engist were the two sons of Guectilis, the son of Guigte, son of Guecta, son of Guta, son of Boden, son of Frealaif, son of Fredolf, son of Finn, son of Freann, son of Folcbhall, son of Gaeta, son of Vanli, son of Saxi, son of Neag.

Britas, son of Olon, from whom are the Britons of Leatha, was


the son of Eolonn, son of Feithiver, son of Ogaman, son of Tai, or Teo, son of Bob, son of Sembob, son of Athacht, son of Aoth, son of Abar, son of Raa, son of Eassa, son of Joban, son of Jonan, son of Jafeth, son of Noe.

Now Gortigern held in peace, under the Romans, the government of the Cruithnians, and he gave up to them i. e. to the Saxons, the island whose name is Teineth Thanet, but Roinn is its British name. Gradian and Aequit were in the sovereignty of the Romans at that time. But it was from the birth of Christ, three hundred and forty-seven years; and it was in the time of that king, viz., of Gortigern, that Saint German came to preach in the island of Britain, and God wrought miracles and many wonders by this ecclesiastic in the island of Britain, and he healed many, and brought them under baptism and faith.