Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 9

Afterwards came a company of eight, with eight ships, and dwelt in Eri, and took possession of a great portion of it.

But the Firbolg seized upon Mann, and certain islands in like manner, Ara, Ili, and Rachra.

The children of Galeoin also, the son of Ercal Hercules, seized


the islands of Orc, i. e. Istoreth, son of Istorine, son of Aigin, son of Agathirir, were dispersed again from the islands of Orc, and then came Cruithne, son of Inge, son of Luithe, son of Pairte, son of Istoreth, son of Agnaman, son of Buan, son of Mar, son of Fatheacht, son of Javad, son of Japheth; so that he seized the northern part of the island of Britain, and his seven sons divided his territory into seven divisions, and each of them gave his name to his own portion.

The seven sons of Cruithne are Fib, Fidach, Fotlaid, Fortrean, Cat, Ce, Cirig. As Columbcille said.

    1. Seven of the children of Cruithne
      Divided Alba into seven portions;
      Cait, Ce, Cireach of the hundred children,
      Fib, Fidach, Fotla, Foirtreann.

And Aenbeagan, son of Cat, son of Cruithne, took the sovereignty of the seven divisions. Finacta was Prince of Eri at that time, and took hostages of the Cruithnians.

Now five men of the northern Cruithnians, i. e. five brothers of


their father Cruithne, went from the islands of Orc, to the Franks, and founded a city there, viz., Pictatus or Inpictus, so called from the pick-axes; and they came again to this island, i. e. to Eri, where they were for a long time, until the Gaedil drove them across the sea to their brethren.

The sons of Liathan, son of Ercal, seized the country Dieimptorum, and Guer, and Guigelle, until Cohenda and his sons expelled them out of Britain.