Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 7


Janus, i. e. Jan, King of Eperda, was the first king that took possession of the Roman territory; and it is from him was named the month of January. Saturn after him. Joib Jove after him. Dardan, son of Joib, after him. Piccus, son of Joib, after him. Faunus, son of Piccus, reigned twenty years. Latin, his son, fifty years. Aenias, three years. Ascan thirty-four years. Silvius twelve,


until his son, viz., Britus, killed him, as we have said. Silvius was the name of every king from that time until the coming of Romul, himself the son of Rea Silvia, daughter of Numitor, son of Proc Silvius, son of Aventine Silvius, son of Aramulus Silvius, son of Agrippa Silvius, son of Tibern Silvius, son of Alban Silvius, son of Ascan Silvius, son of Postam Silvius; he and Britus were brothers, and they were the two sons of Silvius, son of Ascan, son of Aenias.

Postomus was sovereign of the Romans, thirty-nine years. Britus was sovereign of the island of Britain thirty years. Postomios his brother, was sovereign of the Romans as we have said. Heli, the priest, was prince of the children of Israel; and it was in his presence the ark was taken into captivity, and was brought back soon after.

From the conquest of Britus to the conquest of the Picts in the islands of Orc, were nine hundred years, and they took the northern


third part of the island of Britain by force from the Britons, and they dwell there unto this day.

Afterwards the Gaels took the same division occupied by the Picts; and they made a treaty with the Picts against the Britains.

The Saxons afterwards took the island of Britain in the time of Marcian the King. But Gortigearn was then King of Britain, i. e. the crew of three ships came out of Germany under two brothers, viz., Ors and Aigeast, so that they drove the Britons into the borders of the island.