Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 5

Now Britus was the son of Silvius, son of Ascan, son of Aenias, son of Anacis, son of Caipen, son of Essarc, son of Tros, son of Airic, son of Idus, son of Dardain, son of Jove, son of Sardain, son of Ceil, son of Polloir, son of Zororastres, son of Mesraim, son of Cam (filii maledicti ridentis patrem), son of Noe.


Moreover, Tros, son of Airictondus, had two sons; viz., Ilium Ilus and Asarcus; it was by him i. e. by Ilus was founded Ilium, i. e. Troy he had a son, Laimidoin, the father of Priam. Assarc, moreover, was the father of Capen, Capen was the father of Anacis, Anacis the father of Aenias, Aenias the father of Ascan, the grandfather of Britan exosus, i. e. of Britan the abhorred. It was in this way that our noble elder Guanach deduced the pedigree of the Britons, from the Chronicles of the Romans.