Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius (Author: unknown)

Historia 4

Furthermore it is related in the Annals of the Romans, that Aenias the son of Anacis arrived in Italy after the destruction of Troy, and took to wife Lavina the daughter of Ladin, son of Pan, son


of Pic, son of Saturn, &c. After having slain Turn, and after the death of Ladin the king, Aenias took the kingdom of Ladianda; and the city of Alba Longa was founded by Ascan, son of Aenias, and he married a wife, and she bore him a son, viz. Silvius, shortly after.

Silvius afterwards married a wife, and she became pregnant, and it was told to Ascan that his son's wife was pregnant; and he sent a messenger to his son to say that he would send his Druid to give an opinion on his wife, to know whether it was a son, or whether it was a daughter she was about to bring forth. The Druid went, and after his return the Druid said to Ascan, that it was a son that was in her womb; and said that he would be powerful, and that he would kill his father and his mother, and that he would be hated by all. In fact his mother died in giving him birth. He received a name, viz. Britus, and afterwards he was nursed.