Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 401

FA 401

?871-872 In this year, i.e. the tenth year of the reign of Áed Findliath, Imar son of Gothfraid son of Ragnall son of Gothfraid Conung son of Gofraid and the son of the man who left Ireland, i.e. Amlaib, plundered from west to east, and from south to north.

Annal FA 402

FA 402

872 Kl. Gnia, abbot of Dam Liac Cianáin, bishop and scribe and anchorite, rested.


    1. Gnia, sun of our fair race,
      leader in piety of Eber's Island—
      the assembly of the company of the saints has received
      the successor of Cianán of many clients.
    2. Happy the bright congregation
      whose leader he was—dignity without fault—
      Alas for the great praiseworthy jewel,
      our fair, bright friend, Gnia.

Annal FA 403

FA 403

872 Cenn Fáelad grandson of Muchthigern, king of Caisel and successor of Ailbe, died.

Annal FA 404

FA 404

872 Ferdomnach, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.

Annal FA 405

FA 405

872 Loingsech son of Foillen, abbot of Cell Ausailli, died.

Annal FA 406

FA 406

872 Robartach of Dermag, a scribe, died.

Annal FA 407

FA 407

872 A massacre of the men of the Trí Maige and the Trí Comainn up to Slíab Bladma by the kings of the Foreigners, in the snow on the feast of Brigit.

Annal FA 408

FA 408

?872 In this year, i.e. in the eleventh year of Áed's reign, Bárith came (now he was the fosterfather of the king's son) and brought many ships with him from the sea westward to Loch Rí, and from them he plundered the islands of Loch Rí, and the neighboring territories, and Mag Luirg. It was then that God rescued the successor of Colum from the hands of the Norwegians, and when he escaped from them, they thought that he was a pillar stone.

Annal FA 409

FA 409

873 The Norwegian king, i.e. Gothfraid, died of a sudden hideous disease. Thus it pleased God.


Annal FA 410

FA 410

The harassing of Britain in this year.

Lacuna from c. 871 to 9002.

Annal FA 411

FA 411

906 Kl. Indrechtach son of Dobailém, abbot of Bennchor, rested.

    1. Three hundred years—fair course—
      from the death of Comgall of Bennchor
      until the time that the bright onset
      of lofty and famous Indrechtach came to an end.

Annal FA 412

FA 412

906 Máel Póil, abbot of Sruthair Guaire, died.

Annal FA 413

FA 413

906 Furudrán son of Garbán, prior of Cell Achaid, died.

Annal FA 414

FA 414

906 Céle son of Irthuile, prior of Achad Bó Cainnig, died.

Annal FA 415

FA 415

906 Flann son of Domnall, eligible to be king of the North, died.

Annal FA 416

FA 416

906 Éicnechán son of Dálach, king of Ceneél Conaill, died.

Annal FA 417

FA 417

906 Ciarmaccán grandson of Dúnadach, king of Gabair, died.

Annal FA 418

FA 418

906 The slaying of Muiredach son of Domnall, eligible to be king of the Laigin.

Annal FA 419

FA 419

906 Ciarodur son of Crundmáel, king of Uí Felmeda, died.


Annal FA 420

FA 420

906 The death of Glaisine son of Uisíne, king of Uí Meic-Caille.