Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 301

FA 301

862 Finán of Cluain Cáin, bishop and anchorite, rested.

Annal FA 302

FA 302

862 Finnchellach, abbot of Ferna Mór, died.

Annal FA 303

FA 303

859 Ségonán son of Conaing, king of Carrrac Brachaide, died.

Annal FA 304

FA 304

860 Flannacán son of Colmán died.

Annal FA 305

FA 305

860 The slaying of Áed son of Dub dá Bairenn, king of Uí Fidgenti.

Annal FA 306

FA 306

861 Cenn Fáelad into the kingship of Munster.

Annal FA 307

FA 307

862 Domnall son of Alpín, king of the Picts, died.

Annal FA 308

FA 308

862 Kl. Cerball son of Dúnlang and Cennétig son of Gáethíne (i.e. the son of Cerball's sister) defeated Rodolb's fleet, which had come from Norway shortly before that; and Conall Ultach was killed there, and Luirgnén, and many others.

Annal FA 309

FA 309

863 A raid on Brega by the Norwegians, and they went into many caves, and that had not been done often before.

Annal FA 310

FA 310

863 Slaughter of the foreigners by Cerball son of Dúnlang at Fertae Cairech, and he took their spoils.

Annal FA 311

FA 311

863 Muirecán son of Diarmait, king of Nás and Laigin, was slain by the heathens, with a great many of the noblemen of Leinster.

Annal FA 312

FA 312

851 Kl. Áed son of Cummascach, king of Uí Nialláin, died.


Annal FA 313

FA 313

863 Muiredach son of Máel Dúin, king of in t-Airthir, was killed by Domnall son of Áed son of Niall.

Annal FA 314

FA 314

864 Cerball son of Dúnlang raided Leinster. In revenge for that, the Laigin gathered the Norwegians and themselves and raided Osraige not long afterwards. Those of the Osraige who fled into Munster were a great pity; they were all killed and slaughtered. What most embittered Cerball's mind waas that the people whom he had trusted (that is, the Eóganachta) had slaughtered and killed them. (He used to think little of the doings of enemies, for he was not surprised that they did what they did, because they were entitled to it). He then mustered a force of Irish and Norwegians, and devastated the neighbouring territories; he laid waste Mag Feimin and Fir Maige, and took the hostages of many tribes.

Annal FA 315

FA 315

865 In this year, that is, the third year of the reign of Áed Findliath, the Saxons came into British Gwyned, and the Saxons drove the Britons out of the country.

Annal FA 316

FA 316

864 The blinding of Lorccán son of Cathal, king of Mide, by Áed son of Niall.

Annal FA 317

FA 317

864 Conchobor son of Dúnchad, one of the two kings of Mide, was drowned by Amlaib at Cluain Iraird.

Annal FA 318

FA 318

864 A raid on the Déissi by Cerball son of Dúnlang, and the total devastation of Uí Óengusa.

Annal FA 319

FA 319

The abbacy of Tír-dá-Glas was taken by Máel Pettair in this year.

Annal FA 320

FA 320

The capture of Diarmait by the heathens.