Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 201

FA 201

727 The battle of Maistiu among the Laigin themselves, in which the


Uí Dúnlaing defeated the Uí Ceinnselaig, and Laidcnén son of Cú Mella, king of Uí Ceinnselaig, and Oengus son of Fáelchú son of Fáelán, and Cethernach son of Nóe uí Ceallaig fell. Dúnchad was the victor.

Annal FA 202

FA 202

727 The battle of Bairenn or of Inis Bregain, between the men of Life, and the men of Cualu and Congal son of Bran. Fáeláin was the victor.

Annal FA 203

FA 203

727 Cele Críst fell asleep.

Annal FA 204

FA 204

728 Kl. Flann, abbot of Bennchor, rested.

Annal FA 205

FA 205

Leo Augustus died.

Annal FA 206

FA 206

728 The battle of Druim Corcain between Flaithbertach son of Loingsech and the son of Írgalach, in which Cináed and Eódus son of Ailill and Máel Dúin son of Feradach and Dúnchad son of Cormac fell.

Annal FA 207

FA 207

728 The battle of Ailenn between two sons of Murchad son of Bran, namely Fáelán and Dúnchad. Fáelán, the younger, was victor and reigned. Cathal son of Finguine and Cellach son of Fáelchar, king of Osraige, escaped. Dúnchad son of Murchad, king of the Laigin, was killed, but Dúnchad escaped from the battle nevertheless, and lived for a week afterwards. Fáelán took the kingship of the Laigin, and married Dúnchad's wife, Tualaith, daughter of Cathal son of Finguine, king of Munster.

Annal FA 208

FA 208

728 Domnall, king of Connacht, died.

Annal FA 209

FA 209

?724" In this year Bede composed his great book, that is, in the ninth year of Leo.

Annal FA 210

FA 210

729 Kl. Ecbertus, blessed soldier of Christ, rested in Í.

Annal FA 211

FA 211

729 Bede stopped in the Chronicle.

Annal FA 212

FA 212

730 Kl. The son of Onchu, scribe of Cell Dara, died.

Annal FA 213

FA 213

730 Suibne, abbot of Ard Macha, rested.

Annal FA 214

FA 214

730 The Foreigner of Lilcach, i.e. Prudens, rested.


Annal FA 215

FA 215

730 The son of Cú Chumbu, a learned man of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.

Annal FA 216

FA 216

730 Oengus son of Bécc Bairche died.

Annal FA 217

FA 217

730 Cochall Odor the Swarthy, a learned man of Bennchor, died.

Annal FA 218

FA 218

730 The battle of Fernmag, in which Cetamun fell.

Annal FA 219

FA 219

731 Kl. Colmán úa Littáin, doctor of religion, died.

Annal FA 220

FA 220

731 Eochaid son of Colcu, abbot of Ard Macha, died.