Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 181

FA 181

Then Cináed was King of Ireland for four years after that. It was to him, when he was in his mother's womb, that Adamnán promised that he would take the kingship of Ireland. This Cináed's reign was prosperous. He raided Leinster the first year and defeated Dúnchad son of Murchad, and many noblemen were killed in this war.

Annal FA 182

FA 182

723 Indrechtach son of Muiredach, king of Connacht, dies.

Annal FA 183

FA 183

?724 There was a battle between Dúnchad son of Murchad and Laidcnén, king of Uí Ceinnselaig, and Laidcnén was defeated in the battle.

Annal FA 184

FA 184

724 Kl. The battle of Cenn Delgthen, in which Fogartach grandson of Cernach fell. Cináed son of Írgalach was the winner. Ruman sang of that:

    1. The battle of Cenn Delgthen was won
      by a valorous king;
      company overwhelmed company:
      the ... battle of red-faced Domnall(?).
It was after Fogartach was killed that Cináed took the kingship, according to some.


Annal FA 185

FA 185

724 Cuindles, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.

Annal FA 186

FA 186

724 Fáelchú, abbot of Í, died.

Annal FA 187

FA 187

725 Kl. Colmán Uamach, a learned man of Ard Macha, died.

Annal FA 188

FA 188

725 Colmán Banbáin, a learned man of Cell Dara, died.

Annal FA 189

FA 189

The son of Ailerán of Cell Ruaid died.

Annal FA 190

FA 190

726 Kl. Cilléne Fota, abbot of Í, died.

Annal FA 191

FA 191

726 Dochonna the pious, bishop of Condere, rested.

Annal FA 192

FA 192

726 The slaying of Crimthann son of Cellach son of Gerthide, king of the Laigin, in the battle of Belach Lice.

Annal FA 193

FA 193

726 The slaying of Ailill son of Bodbchad of Mide.

Annal FA 194

FA 194

A battle between Etarscél, king of Brí Cualann, and Fáelán, king of the Laigin, in which Etarscél, king of Brí Cualann, was defeated.

Annal FA 195

FA 195

728 In this year Cináed Cáech 'the one-eyed' son of Írgalach was killed, and none of his descendants took the kingship of Ireland. Flaithbertach son of Loingsech killed him.

Annal FA 196

FA 196

728 Beginning of the reign of Flaithbertach.

Annal FA 197

FA 197

?729 Kl. In this year Oengus, king of Foirtriu, defeated Drust, king of Alba, in three battles.

Annal FA 198

FA 198

727 The battle of Druim Fornocht between Cenél Conaill and Cenél Eógain, in which Flann son of Írthuili and Snédgus Derg úa Brachaide fell.

Annal FA 199

FA 199

727 The relics of Adamnán are brought over to Ireland, and his law is renewed.

Annal FA 200

FA 200

727 The death of Murchad son of Bran, king of the Laigin.