Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 121

FA 121

694 Huidríne of Mag Bile rested.

Annal FA 122

FA 122

694 The slaying of Cerball son of Máel Odor, king of Uí Néill.

Annal FA 123

FA 123

693 A battle between the Osraige and the Laigin in which Fáelchar grandson of Máel Odor fell.

Annal FA 124

FA 124

695 Kl. The killing of Fínnachta son of Dúnchad, king of Ireland, and his son Bressal along with him. This is how he was killed: when Fínnachta and his son Bressal spent the night in the tent at Grellach Dollaid, the kinsmen who were hostile to him, i.e. Áed son of Dluthach and Congalach son of Conang, came into the tent without their noticing, and they killed Fínnachta and his son, and they cut off their heads. Whence was said;

    1. It is pitiful for Fínnachta
      that he lies today mortally-wounded:
      may he be with the men of heaven
      for remitting the Bóroma.

Annal FA 125

FA 125

695 The slaying of Tadc son of Failbe in Glenn Gaimin.

Annal FA 126

FA 126

695 The repose of Mendbairenn, abbot of Achad Bó.

Annal FA 127

FA 127

695 Gaimid of Lugmag died.

Annal FA 128

FA 128

695 The death of Bran son of Conall Becc.

Annal FA 129

FA 129

696 Kl. Loingsech son of Oengus took the kingship of Ireland after Fínnachta, for eight years.

Annal FA 130

FA 130

696 Finguine son of Cú cen Máthair died.

Annal FA 131

FA 131

696 Fergal of Aidne and Fiannamail son of Móenach died.


Annal FA 132

FA 132

696 Congalach son of Conaing son of Congal son of Áed died.

Annal FA 133

FA 133

696 Lóchíne Mend the wise, abbot of Cell Dara, was killed.

Annal FA 134

FA 134

696 Dochuma of the Mugdorna rested.

Annal FA 135

FA 135

697 Kl. Adamnan came to Ireland and made known the Law of the Innocents to the Irish people, i.e. not to kill children or women.

Annal FA 136

FA 136

697 Cassán, a scribe of Lusca, rested.

Annal FA 137

FA 137

697 MoLing of Luachair rested, full of days.

Annal FA 138

FA 138

697 Máel Fathardaig, king of the Airgialla, died.

Annal FA 139

FA 139

697 The battle of Crannach, in which Feradach son of Máel Doith fell.

Annal FA 140

FA 140

697 The Britons and the Ulaid plundered Mag Muirtheimne.