Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 101

FA 101

688 Cano son of Gartnán died.

Annal FA 102

FA 102

685 Emperor Constantinus died.

Annal FA 103

FA 103

689 Kl. The slaying of Diarmait of Mide son of Airmedach Cáech 'One-Eyed', of whom a woman-satirist at Oenach Taillten sang:

    1. ...
      this was the apple of a golden apple-tree,
      the king of the great sea, son of the one-eyed man.

Annal FA 104

FA 104

690 Kl. The repose of Beccán, abbot of Cluain Iraird.

Annal FA 105

FA 105

690 Gnáthnat, abbess of Cell Dara, died.

Annal FA 106

FA 106

690 The slaying of Congal son of Máel Dúin son of Áed Bennán, king of Munster.

Annal FA 107

FA 107

690 Justinianus Minor reigned for ten years.

Annal FA 108

FA 108

691 Kl. Cronán moccu Cualna, abbot of Bennchor, rested.

Annal FA 109

FA 109

691 Fidchellach son of Flann, king of Uí Maine, died.


Annal FA 110

FA 110

690 Ailill son of Dúngal, king of the Cruithne, died.

Annal FA 111

FA 111

692 Kl. Adamnán came to Ireland in the fourteenth year after the death of Failbe, abbot of Í.

Annal FA 112

FA 112

692 Fergus son of Áedán, king of the Province Ulaid, died.

Annal FA 113

FA 113

693 The slaying of Fáelchar, king of Osraige.

Annal FA 114

FA 114

693 The slaying of Cenn Fáelad son of Máel Bresail by the Laigin.

Annal FA 115

FA 115

693 Kl. Bruide son of Bile, king of Foirtriu, died.

Annal FA 116

FA 116

693 The remission of the Bóroma by Fínnachta to MoLing, after it had been taken by forty kings; wbence was said:

    1. There were forty kings
      by whom the Bóroma was levied,
      from the time of Tuathal of Tlachtga
      until the exact time of Fínnachta.
We omit the rest.

Annal FA 117

FA 117

680 The death of Fiannamail son of Máel Tuili, king of the Laigin. Fochsechán of his own household killed him. Thus MoLing sang:

    1. When Fínnachta sbouted,
      ‘At them, comrades all!’
      Fochsechán wished
      that the son of Máel Tuili were alive.

Annal FA 118

FA 118

680 Kl. Bran son of Conall begins to reign over the Laigin.

Annal FA 119

FA 119

694 Crónán Abacc 'the Dwarf', abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.

Annal FA 120

FA 120

694 Crónán of Balla rested.