Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 41

FA 41

668 The voyage of Columbanus, with the relics of many saints, to Inis Bó Finne, where he founded a church.

Annal FA 42

FA 42

668 The battle of Fertas between the Ulaid and the Cruithne, in which Cathassach son of Luirgne fell.

Annal FA 43

FA 43

669 The death of Máel Fathardaig son of Suibne, king of Uí Tuirtre.

Annal FA 44

FA 44

The Battle of Damderg, in which Dícuill son of Eochu and Congal son of Lóchíne were slain.

Annal FA 45

FA 45

671 The slaying of Bran Find son of Máel Ochtraig, king of the Déissi.

Annal FA 46

FA 46

670 Kl. The death of Blathmac son of Máel Coba, king of Ulaid.

Annal FA 47

FA 47

670 The death of Dúnchad grandson of Rónán.

Annal FA 48

FA 48

666 Fáelán son of Colmán, king of the Laigin, died.

Annal FA 49

FA 49

671 Kl. The slaying of Sechnassach son of Blathmac. Dubdúin of the Cairbri killed Sechnassach treacherously; of which was said:

    1. Full of bridles, full of whips, was
      the house where Sechnassach used to be;
      there was much extra plunder
      in the house where the son of Blathmac used to be.

Annal FA 50

FA 50

671 Oswy, king of the Saxons, died.

Annal FA 51

FA 51

?668 Constantinus Augustus died.

Annal FA 52

FA 52

672 The burning of Bennchor of the Britons.


Annal FA 53

FA 53

672 The burning of Ard Macha.

Annal FA 54

FA 54

672 The death of Cummascach son of Rónán.

Annal FA 55

FA 55

671 The battle of Druim Coepis.

Annal FA 56

FA 56

672 The battle of Tulach Árd, in which Dungal son of Máel Tuili, king of Bogaine, was slain. Loingsech was the victor.

Annal FA 57

FA 57

673 Cormac son of Máel Fathardaig died.

Annal FA 58

FA 58

672 The beginning of the reign of Cenn Fáelad son of Crundmáel son of Blathmac, for three years.

Annal FA 59

FA 59

673 Kl. Constantinus son of Constantinus ruled for seventeen years.

Annal FA 60

FA 60

674 Kl. The slaying of Congal Cendfhota son of Dúnchad, king of Ulaid. Bécc Bairche killed him.