Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (Author: [unknown])

Annal FA 21

FA 21

662 Móenach son of Fíngin, king of Munster, died.

Annal FA 22

FA 22

663 Kl. Ségíne, i.e. moccu Cuind, abbot of Bennchor, died.

Annal FA 23

FA 23

663 The death of Guaire Aidne, king of Connacht; whence:

    1. Carn Conaill:
      is a great host that is before it;
      All that he perceives will be dead;
      alas for Guaire Aidne.

Annal FA 24

FA 24

663 The slaying of two sons of Domnall, i.e. Conall and Colcu.

Annal FA 25

FA 25

663 Tuathal son of Morggán died.

Annal FA 26

FA 26

663 Tu Enóc son of Fintan, abbot of Ferna Mór, died.

Annal FA 27

FA 27

664 Báetán, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis, died.

Annal FA 28

FA 28

665 Kl. The death by plague of the son of Áed Sláine, i.e. Blathmac [...], i.e. in Calatruim. Diarmait died in the same place, standing, stretched against a cross, watching the Laigin army approaching to kill him. His soul departed from him. It is found in some books that these two kings, Blathmac and Diarmait, reigned twelve years. In others, however, ... years, which we follow. These two kings of Ireland, then, Blathmac and Diarmait, died in that plague, i.e. the Buide Conaill.

Annal FA 29

FA 29

665 Féchín of Fobar died.

Annal FA 30

FA 30

665 Ailerán the Wise died.

Annal FA 31

FA 31

665 Colmán Cas and Oengus of Ulaid died.

Annal FA 32

FA 32

665 Four abbots of Bennchor died, i.e. Berach, Cummíne, Colum, and Áedán.


Annal FA 33

FA 33

665 Cú cen Máthair, king of Munster, died along with many others.

Annal FA 34

FA 34

666 Eochaid Iarlathe, king of Dál Araide, was killed by the foster-brothers of Máel Fathardaig son of Rónán. For the daughter of Eochaid Iarlathe was wife of Rónán, king of the Laigin. The girl was young, and Rónán was old, so she fell in love with Rónán's son, Máel Fathardaig, and she was always soliciting him, but she did not get his consent; and since she did not get it, this is what she did: she broke her head-ornament, and scratched her face, and bloodied her face, and came to Rónán like that. ‘What is that, girl?’ asked Rónán. ‘Your carefree son, Máel Fathardaig,’ she said, ‘has violated me, and forced me, and lain with me.’

Consequently he was killed by Rónán. Afterwards Máel Fathardaig's foster-brothers went to the place where Eochaid Iarlathe was, and they called him outside away from everyone, and they killed him because of what his daughter had done. Thus Flaittir sang:

    1. Today Eochaid son of Fiacha Lurgan
      has lain down
      in the clay of Cell Condere;

    2. Eochaid has taken a single shirt
      instead of a long, warm robe;
      the sorrow that is upon Dún Náis
      is upon Dún Sobairche.

Annal FA 35

FA 35

665 The beginning of the reign of Sechnassach son of Blathmac for five years.

Annal FA 36

FA 36

666 Kl. The death of Ailill son of Domnall son of Áed son of Ainmere. Kl.

Annal FA 37

FA 37

666 Kl. Máel Caích son of Scandal, king of Cruithne, died.

Annal FA 38

FA 38

666 Báethine, abbot of Bennchor, died

Annal FA 39

FA 39

666 Kl. Crítán, abbot of Bennchor, rested.


Annal FA 40

FA 40

669 Cummíne Finn, abbot of Í, rested.