Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1145

Kalends of January on Monday the fourth of the moon. Great and fierce war in this year.

The men of Mide went into Laigin and the men of Bréifne came into lower Bréifne and the Airgialla came over Sliab Fuait from the north.

Raiding by Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill in Airgialla and he brought away cows from Cuailgne.

The men of Mumu went into Connacht and took away Tadc Ó Cellaigh king of Uí Maine and killed Ruaidrí Ó Flaithbertaigh.

The defeat of Dún Dubáin inflicted by Mael Sechnaill son of Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill and the Cairpre on the men of Bréifne in which three hundred fell or more, including Serrach ua Connachtaigh and Cathal ua Cathluain and ua Cubran.

Finn ua Cerbaill, heir designate of Éle, was killed.

Donn ua Mannacháin, king of Uí Briúin Sinna, and Murchad ua Maílbrénainn, chief of Clann Conchobuir, and his wife, fell by the Uí Briúin of Bréifne in an attack on an encampment.

Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill with the men of Mide and Tebtha and Conmaicne turned against Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir, and Toirdelbhach ua Briain was made king by them. Tadc ua Briain was taken by Tairdelbach ua Briain as heir designate.

Gilli bishop of Luimnech rested.

Gilla Cainnigh ua Luanaim died.


Annal CS1146

Kalends of January on Tuesday on the fifteenth of the moon.

A raid by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir into Tebtha and he plundered some of Muinter Maílsinna. He left however a number of his following at Áth Luain, drowned and killed by the men of Tebtha.

The defeat of Magh Buaighnech inflicted by the south of Brega on the foreigners of Áth Cliath and some of the Laigin, in which two hundred and thirty-five fell, including Ragnall son of Torcaill, king of the foreigners.

Cormac ua Cathasaigh, chief bishop of Laigin and successor of Brigit for a period, rested.

Domnall ua Braín, king of Bregmaine, dies.

Gilla Pátraic son of Donnchad ua Gillapátraic, king of Osraige, was killed by the sons of Congalach ua Braenáin in Cell Chaínnigh.

Cellach ua Ceilaigh, king of Brega, was killed by Flaithbertach ua Cathasaigh and the foreigners of Áth Cliath.

Mag Aí was attacked by Tigernán ua Ruairc and Dún Imgan was burned and they came on Loch Long and some of the ships of Connacht were burned by them and people killed in them.

Gilla na Naomh grandson of Cú Meda ua Laegacán fell by the hand of his own brother i.e. Domnall and of Cú Meda his son.

Annal CS1147

Kalends of January on Wednesday on the twenty-sixth of the moon.

Gilla Mochonne i.e. ua Cathail, king of Uí Fhiachrach Aidhne, was killed by the grandson of Domnall ua Conchobuir.

The defeat of Áth Luaín was inflicted on Domnall son of Toirdelbach and the Uí Maine by the men of Tebtha, in which fell the grandson of Amalgaidh son of Flann and others with him.

A great mast-crop this year both in nuts and bark.

An assembly of great armies by the Christians to Jerusalem to expel the power of the Jews.

Annal CS1148

Kalends of January on Thursday the seventh of the moon, and a leap-year.

Tigernán ua Ruairc was defeated by Muintir Angaile.

A synodal assembly at Inis Pátraic by a number of the bishops of Ireland under Mael Maedóc ua Mongair, successor of Pátraic, and other bishop, and they enacted various laws there Mael Maedóc then left that synod to go to speak with the successor of Peter.

A raid by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir into east Mide and he plundered some of Muinter Laegacháin.

A great crop of oak-mast in this year.

Otir king of the foreigners of Áth Cliath was treacherously killed by the sons of Torcaill's son.

Muiredach Sinnach, king of Tebtha, died.

Sitriuc ua Braín, king of Bregmaine, fell by the son of Congalach ua Braín in an act of kin-slaying.

The son of Fergal ua Mael muaid, king of Fir Cell, was killed by the Uí Racán.

Mael Maedóc ua Mongair, chief bishop and a virgin and a scribe, head of the religion of all Ireland and Scotland, apostolic legate of Pope Innocent and the man who established monasticism and canons regular in Ireland, ended his life happily in Clairvaux on his way to speak to the successor of Peter.


Annal CS1149

Kalends of January of Saturday on the eighteenth of the moon and the first year after a leap year.

Thunder and lightning happened in January so that Ciarnán's yew-tree was set afire, and by people's efforts the fire was put out, and one hundred and thirteen sheep were killed under the yew. tree.

Muirchertach ua Maelmochorgi, bishop of Uí Briúin Bréifne, rested.

Gilla Pátraic ua Ailcinned, bishop of Cluain Ferta Brénainn, rested.

Laigsech ua Mórda, king of Laígis, died.

Conchobor grandson of Cochlán, one of two kings of Delbna Bethra, dies.

An army was led by Muirchertach son of Niall grandson of Lochlainn with the Cenél Conaill and Cenél Eogaín and the Airgialla into Ulaid and attacked the Ulaid, both churches and peoples. He brought away captives with him thereafter.

Cellachán grandson of Carthach died.

An army was led by the grandson of Lochlainn and he took the captives of Tigernán ua Ruairc and the captives of Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill and the captives of Conmaicne and the men of Tebtha on that occasion.

All Callraighe was plundered by Síl Rónáin and they were all driven into Connacht in vengeance for Gilla Ultán grandson of Carrgamna, whom they had killed.