Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1135

Kalends of January the third feria, the sixteenth of the moon. AD 1135.

Cathal son of Tadc ua Conchobuir was killed by the men of Tebtha.

Ros Comáin with its church was burned and its superior and lector killed by the men of Bréifne.

The defeat of Maengach inflicted by the Síl Muiredaigh on the Uí Maine, in which many fell including Conchobor ua Cellaigh and ua Mainnín, king of Sogain.

Ruaidrí ua Canannáin, king of Cenél Conaill, was killed by the Cenél Eogain.

Lighting took the roof from the tower of Cluain moccu Nóis and made a hole in the tower of Ros Cré.


Mael Isa ua Ainmire, bishop of Port Láirge, rested.

Ua Madadáin, king of Síl Anmchadha and Uí Maine, was treacherously killed by the son of Gilla Coeimgein ua Cendétigh.

Domnall son of Muirchertach ua Briain, i.e. the 'short-handed', rested in clerical life.

Cinaeth ua Baígill, bishop of Clochar, rested.

A great mast-harvest in this year.

Henry, king of England, dies.

Ó Máille was killed by the son of Domnall ua Dubda in the stone church of Nuachongbáil. His own spear killed the latter by the power of Colum Cille within the same quarter.

Cunga was burned with its reclés.

Cú Mara was killed by the power of Iarlaith.[gap: extent: Years 1136-1140]


Annal CS1141

Conchobor grandson of Donnchad ua Mael Sechnaill was killed in captivity by Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill.

Art son of Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill, heir designate of Temair, died.

Domnall son of Ruaidrí ua Maílmuaid, king of Fir Cell, was killed by Muintir Luanaim.

The successor of Ciarán, i.e. Mael Mochta, was plundered by the Síl Anmchadha and by Conchobor son of Mac Cochláin.

Annal CS1142

Kalends of January on Wednesday on the eleventh day of the moon.

Conchobor son of Diarmait ua Briain, king of Mumu, rested in repentance in Cell Dalua.

Gilla Siadnata grandson of Amalgaid, chief of Callraige, was killed by the Bregmaine.

The son of Fergal ua Maílmuaid, king of Fir Cell, was killed by the son of Ruaidrí ua Maílmuaid in Dairmag of Colum Cille.

Cathasach ua Ceirchaerach, lector of Ard Macha, rested in Christ.

Donnchad ua Conchobuir, king of Ciarraige Luachra, was killed by Cú Mara grandson of Cú Mara.

Annal CS1143

Kalends of January on Friday on the eleventh day of the moon.

Muirchertach ua Maíl Sechnaill, heir designate of Temair and king of east Mide, died.

Donnchad ua Coincennainn died.

His own son i.e. Ruaidrí was imprisoned by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir in violation of the guarantees of laity and clergy.

An army was led by Tairdelbach ua Briain and the men of Mumu into Connachta and they cut down the Ruadbethach and dismantled its rampart and afterwards returned home with neither plunder nor battle.

Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill, overking of Mide with its subordinate peoples, was imprisoned by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir despite the protection of the relics and sureties of Ireland.

The kingship of Mide was given by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir to his own son i.e. Conchobar.

The kingship of Cenél Eogain was taken by ua Galmredhaigh and the sons of Niall were driven out.

Mac Raith ua Faillecáin, bishop and virgin, rested.

Gilla Óengus ua Clumhán, ollamh of Connacht, died.


Annal CS1144

Kalends of January on Saturday on the twenty-third day of the moon, and a leap-year.

Tadc son of Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir died.

Conchobor son of Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir, heir designate of Ireland and king of Mide for half a year, was killed by ua Dublaích, king of Fir Tulach, and by Ruaidrí ua Senchán.

Domnall ua Coinfhiacla, king of Tebtha, the flood of good fortune and wealth of Ireland, ended his life happily in clerical life in Cluain Iraird.

Cerball ua Finnallán, king of Delbna Mór, died.

Domnall grandson of Tadc ua Cellaigh was killed by the three sons of the grandson of Conchobor ua Cellaigh; the third of those sons died in Cluain after being mortally wounded in a counter-skirmish, and the two others fell by Muinter Tadgán.

Gilla Pátraic son of Congail, lector of Cluaín Iraird and priest thereof, rested.

Cinaedh grandson of Amalgaidh was killed by his own people.

Donnchad grandson of Carthach, heir designate of Mumu, died in captivity with Tairdelbach ua Bríain.

Donnchad son of Tadc ua Maílruanaidh died.