Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Chronicon Scotorum (Author: [unknown])

Annal CS1130


Diarmait ua Fallamáin, chief of Clann Uatach,dies.

Goll Cluana ua Airechtaigh dies.

The treasures of Cluain moccu Nóis were discovered by the foreigners of Luimnech after they had been stolen by Gilla Comgain and he was hanged at Dún Cluana Ithair after being handed over by Conchobor ua Briain, king of Mumu. That Gilla Comgáin headed for Corcach and Les Mór and Port Láirge to go overseas, and


the ship in which he obtained a place could not get wind to sail, and other ships did. This was inevitable, for Ciarán held back the ship in which he attempted to depart, and he affirmed before death that he could see Ciarán with his staff holding back every ship in which he attempted to depart. The Lord thus magnified saint Ciarán by that wonder.

Cú Aifne ua Conchobuir, king of Uí Failge, dies.

A defeat inflicted by Tigernán ua Ruairc on east Mide in which fell Diarmait ua Mael Sechnaill, king of East Mide, and Óengus ua Caíndelbáin, king of Laegaire, and Cochall Fliuch grandson of Senán, king of Gailenga, and many others.

A great harvest of all kinds of produce in this year.

Annal CS1131


The fleet of Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir went to Ros Ailithir and devastated Desmumu.

The son of Cú Chonnacht ua Conchobuir and ua Carthaigh ollamh of Connacht were killed in error in the defeat of Caill Cobthaigh between the Connachta.

A great army was led by Conchobor ua of Lochlainn, king of the north of Ireland, with the Ulaid and the Airgialla along with him, into Connachta, and he came as far as Corrsliab and the Connachta attacked him in the Segais and the Cénél Conaill were defeated and there was killed there ua Maílgaíthe and an Garbánach ua Baígill and many others, and they promptly made peace and Lochlann's grandson returned home, and the Ulaid and Airgialla returned home by Áth Luain and they encountered Tigernán ua Ruairc in Mag Conaille after taking a prey from the Ulaid in their absence, and he defeated the Ulaid and the Airgialla and there was killed there ua Eochadha king of Ulaid and Ó Críocháin king of Femmagh and his son and ua Indrechtaigh king of Uí Méith and others.

Mael Ísa ua Foghladha, chief bishop of Mumu, rested.

Conchobor ua Briaín was struck by one of his own men.

Annal CS1132

Kalends of January on Friday and on the tenth of the moon and a leap year and the one thousandth one hundred and thirty-second year since the incarnation of Christ.

A great fleet was brought by Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir on Loch Dergderc and he devastated much of Mumu. An army was brought by him into Mide and he gave the kingship to Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill.

A raid by Conchobor ua Briain into Maenmagh and he plundered Cell Biain and brought away many cows.


The castle of Bun Gaillimhe was burned by the fleet of the men of Mumu and some of west Connacht killed, including ua Taidc of the household.

A raiding army was brought by Tairdelbach into Uí Forgo and he plundered it completely.

Ailén an Bethe on the Sinna was burned by the men of Mumu and a number fell there, including the chief of muinter Cinaith.

A raid on Magh Luirg by the men of Bréifne.

Uaréirge ua Nechtain, head of the céli Dé of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested in peace.

Diarmait grandson of Eitigén, chief of Clann Diarmata, dies.

The successor of Brigit was betrayed and carried off by Diarmait son of Murchad and forced to submit to him and seven score killed in Cell Dara and most of it burned.

Annal CS1133


A great army of Leth Mogha under Cormac grandson of Carthach and Conchobor ua Briain went into Connachta and cut down the Ruadbeitheach and the Belata and killed Cathal son of Cathal, heir designate of Connachta, and Gilla na Naem ua Flainn, chief of Síl Maílruain.

Two sons of Cú Chonnacht ua Conchobuir were drowned in Loch Ríbh.

A defeat inflicted by the men of Tebtha on Síl Muiredaidh in which was killed Amlaíb son of Árchú ua Raduib, chief of Clann Tomaltaigh, and the son of an Lestar ua Aindlidhe was captured.

Conchobor son of Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill, heir designate of Mide, was killed by Donnchad son of Gillemocholmóc and the foreigners. The son of Gillemocholmóc was killed by the men of Mide.

A murrain in this year which killed the cows of Ireland and almost all its pigs.

An eclipse of the sun at the third hour of day.

The killing of Flaithbertach ua Flaithbertaigh.

All Lusca was burned with its church by Domnall son of Murchad ua Mael Sechnaill.

Annal CS1134


The cattle of Leth Cuinn were still suffering the same murrain.

The grandson of Cathal ua Conchobuir was killed by ua Egra.


The consecration of Cormac's chapel in Caisel in the presence of many nobles.

Murchadh ua Egra and his wife, i.e. the daughter of Tairdelbach ua Conchobuir, were killed by Taichlech ua Egra.

A shower of hailstones fell in Caisel so that the horses could swim in the market place of Caisel.

A defeat inflicted by the Osraíge on Diarmait son of Murchad in which Ugaire ua Tuathail and others fell.

Great war arose between Leth Mogha and three battles were fought among them.

Célechair son of Conn na mBocht, wise elder of Cluain moccu Nóis, rested.

Mael Ciaráin son of Conn na mBocht, a noble priest, rested in Christ.

Aed grandson of Cochlán, king of Delbna Berta, dies.

Aed grandson of Tadc ua Cellaigh, king of Uí Maine, dies.

Mael Brénainn ua Anradháin rested.

An army was led by Mac Murchad with the Laigin and the Uí Cheinnselaigh and the foreigners of Áth Cliath against Conchobor ua Briain with the Munstermen and the Osraige and the foreigners of Port Láirge, in which a great number fell, i.e., in which fell the son of Gilla Maire son of Allgort the finest foreigner in Ireland and Amlaíb of Port Láirge and the nobles of Osraige, and Gilla Pátraic ua Cendétigh was captured.

Muirchertach, successor of Pátraic, rested.

Tuadmuma was laid waste after the violation of the reliquary of Iarlaith.

Mael Maedóc ua Mongair was in the see of Pátraic.